Pricelist for: standard bike, three-wheeled bike, tandem type of bike
Payment for rental


Time range Gross value
from 1 to 30 minutes no fees
from 31 to 60 minutes 1 PLN
from 60 to 120 minutes 2 PLN/h
from 121 to 180 minutes 3 PLN/h
each subsequent commenced hour 4 PLN/h
Payment for exceeding the 12 hour limit of rental 200 PLN
Fee for theft, loss or damage of bikes Children 6+ 1900 PLN
standard 2000 PLN
Standard with children seat 2800 PLN
Three-wheeled 4200 PLN
Cargo 7000 PLN
Tandem type 7000 PLN

Additional fees

Initial fee 10 PLN
Letter notification regarding a breach to the Terms of Service 10 PLN
Leaving the Bike at a different location than the appropriate station for a given type of Bike in the User Zone 180 PLN
Leaving the Bike outside of the User Zone 500 PLN

Fees indicated in the tables are VAT tax inclusive.